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Paldo Volcano Chicken Noodle

Paldo Volcano Chicken Noodle

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Non- Veg


Noodles: wheat flour, potato starch, modified potato starch palm ol, salt, emulsfred ol (sunflower seed oil lecithin (soy, wheat gluten, vegetable extract garlic, onioniyeast extract, alkaline agentipotassium carbonate, sodium phosphate, guar gum, riboflavin green tea extract
Sauce: spicy sauce [red pepper powder, red pepper extract, soy saucei soy, wheat, salt, mono sodium glutamate, capsicum water fructose, sugar yeast extract, red pepper powder, maltodextrin, glucose, salt, flavor enhancer (maltodextrin, sugar, sodium ribonucleotide), artificial chicken flavor garlic powder, curry powder (turmeric, mono sodium gluta mate, mustard), soy bean oil, paprika, caramel syrup, ginger extract, modired tapioca starch.
Flake: roasted sesame, seaweed.

Nutritional Values: 
Nutrition (Per 120g) Energy : 490 kcal Fat: 15 g Saturated Fat: 8 g Trans Fat: 0.1 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Carbohydrates: 78 g Fibre: 6 g Sugar: 4 g Protein: 11 g Sodium: 1780 mg.

Product Features / information: 

Discover your inner fire with Paldo's Volcano Chicken Noodle! Made in South Korea and packaged for single servings, this indulging noodle appetizer is a must for any night of the week. A perfect balance of flavor and spice, Volcano Chicken Noodle has a spiciness level of 4 that will sure to awaken your taste buds.
Enjoy a comforting vegan meal with its delicious chicken flavor, making it the ideal snack to satisfy cravings anytime. Its chewy yet fluffy texture provides an unforgettable mouth-watering experience, while its full-bodied aroma stimulates your senses. Bring a bit of the volcano's heat into your home and forget about dinner hardships - Paldo' Volcano Chicken Noodle soothes all!
Save time by quickly reheating each package in the microwave, or cook it just a few minutes on your stovetop if you want to add something extra special. Even better - no artificial colors or flavors needed! Paldo ensures every bite of their Volcano Chicken Noodle is free from preservatives, chemicals, and additives, which means you owe it to yourself to have one tonight and every night after!
Let Paldo's Volcano Chicken Noodle be there for dinner at last minute plans or lunch at work throughout the week. What are you waiting for? Stop scrolling and add it to cart now!


Keep away from direct sunlight.

Allergy Advice: 

Contains: sesame, soy, wheat, mustard. It can cause hypersensitivity.

Preparation and Usage/Cooking Instructions (if any): 

1. Put noodles into 600 mL of boiling water for 3mins and 30secs
2. Pour most of the water out with approximately 7 tablespoons of water remaining in the pot, put in the liquid sauce and mix for 30 seconds on low heat,
3. Turn off heat, put in flakes and mix well,
4. Adding onions, shallots, garlic, hot pepper powder will make it taster.
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