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Fantastic Black Rice Crackers (Original)

Fantastic Black Rice Crackers (Original)

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White rice, black rice (19%), vegetable oil (antioxidant (E307b)), sesame seeds (3.8%), salt.

 Nutritional Values: 

Energy 1830 kJ, Protein 8 g, Fat 7.2 g, Saturated fat 3.4 g, Carbohydrate 83 g, Sugars 0 g, Dietary fibre 1.9 g, Sodium 388 mg, Gluten 0 g.

Product Features / information: 

The Thinner Bite Black Rice Crackers Original is an excellent substitute for bread in a lot of your favourite recipes. It is up to 30% thinner as compared to standard rice crackers and is gluten-free. You can enjoy this delicious snack directly or top it up with your favourite toppings. It has the perfect taste. The crispness of this product will make you want more. It is a light snack. It is a great snack for passing your time peacefully.


Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Allergy Advice:


Preparation and Usage/Cooking Instructions (if any): 

Eat it whenever you want to pass your time. You can eat it for breakfast or evening snacks. It is a light snack. It is gluten-free and is unbelievably delicious.

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