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Anime Countdown Box

Anime Countdown Box

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Introducing our Anime Themed Gift Box – a collection that's more exciting than a plot twist and comes with the dazzling Anime Themed Calendar for 2024 as its "main character," ready to steal the spotlight!

Package Details:

  1. Anime Themed Calendar for 2024 (x1) - Get ready to embark on a year-long anime adventure with a calendar that's not just a timekeeper; it's the "protagonist" of organization, featuring sections that will help you "power up" your goal-setting game and conquer every month with style!
  1. New Year Postcard (x1) - Kick off the year with a postcard that's as delightful as finding out who the real villain is – adorned with beautiful artwork and wishes that'll warm your heart.
  1. Best Wishes Tag (x1) - This tag isn't just for show; it's your "supporting character" for adding a personal touch to your anime-filled gift.
  1. Anime Bookmark (x1) - Elevate your reading experience with a bookmark that's more thrilling than an epic showdown, featuring designs that capture the essence of your favorite series.
  1. Anime Photocards (x5) - Collect and share iconic moments with photocards that are as precious as finding a rare item drop in an RPG.
  1. Anime Themed Sticker Sheet (x1) - Stick it to ordinary with a sheet of vibrant stickers that are more exciting than a surprise attack from the main antagonist.
  1. Anime Magnet (x1) - Deck out your space with a magnetic tribute to your favorite series – it's like having a piece of the anime world right on your fridge!
  1. Surprise Sweet Treat (x1) [Only till Dec 2023] [Out of Stock] - Indulge in a sweet surprise that's as delightful as discovering your favorite character's backstory – it's the perfect ending to this anime-inspired collection.

Year-End Sale:

Originally priced at INR 569, this Anime Themed Gift Box, with its star – the Anime Themed Calendar for 2024, is now available at a discounted price of INR 399 for our year-end sale.

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Anime Countdown Box