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BTS Countdown Box

BTS Countdown Box

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Embark on a heartwarming journey through the world of BTS with our BTS Themed Gift Box. This collection is more than just memorabilia; it's a tribute to the profound impact BTS has had on hearts around the globe. At its emotional core is the BTS Themed Calendar for 2024, a vessel that will carry you through the year, reminding you of the beautiful moments shared with these musical maestros.

Package Details:

  1. BTS Themed Calendar for 2024 (x1)
  1. New Year Postcard (x1) 
  1. Best Wishes Tag (x1) 
  1. BTS Themed Bookmark (x1) 
  1. BTS Photocards (x5) 
  1. BTS Themed Sticker Sheet (x1) 
  1. BTS Poster (x1) 
  1. Surprise Sweet Treat (x1) [Only till Dec 2023] [Out of Stock]

BTS 2024 Calendar:

1. Monthly Grid View: Each month is presented in a grid view, offering ample space for your day-to-day plans and activities. It's not just a calendar; it's a canvas for your daily life, where each square becomes a stage for your endeavors.

2. Priorities Section: We understand that priorities change, and this calendar adapts with you. The dedicated priorities section ensures that you can jot down your most important tasks, keeping you focused on what truly matters.

3. Motivational BTS Quotes: Infuse your days with motivation from the BTS universe. The calendar boasts varying motivational quotes, either from the members themselves or their empowering lyrics, inspiring you as you navigate through the challenges and triumphs of each month.

4. Monthly Reflection Page: Turn the page to a deeper level of reflection with a dedicated page for each month. This includes seven insightful sections:

- Song of The Month: Immerse yourself in the music that resonates with the BTS spirit, creating a harmonious backdrop to your month.

- Achievements: Reflect on the victories of the past month, celebrating your accomplishments and setting a positive tone for the month ahead.

- Areas for Improvement: Identify aspects that require attention and growth, fostering continuous self-improvement.

- Personal Goals: Define your personal aspirations, with a small percentage meter to visually track your progress toward these objectives.

- Career Goals: Strategize and monitor your career ambitions, using the percentage meter as a motivating tool for advancement.

- Fitness Goals: Keep health in focus by outlining fitness objectives, supported by a visual progress tracker.

- Travel Goals: Dream and plan your adventures, turning aspirations into tangible plans, all within the confines of this magical calendar.

This calendar transcends its role as a mere timekeeper; it's designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life. It's a tool for productivity and self-reflection, peppered with the enchantment of BTS. By combining practicality with the magic of BTS, our calendar becomes an indispensable companion, empowering you to conquer each day with purpose and inspiration.

As you turn the pages, may you find not only dates but a source of motivation, a guide for reflection, and a testament to the transformative power of BTS. Make every day count and let the magic of BTS inspire your journey throughout the year!

DIY Cut & Paste BTS Sticker Sheet:

A creation tailored by an Army for fellow Army, this sticker sheet is a visual feast, blending BTS-inspired elements, iconic references, and hilarious memes that have become part of the BTS fandom's collective memory. From signature concert chants to memorable moments and quirky memes, it captures the essence of BTS's journey. The "Cut & Paste" feature invites you to be a creator, adding a personal touch to your belongings while fostering a sense of community within the BTS fandom. Choose this sticker sheet for a unique, versatile, and delightful tribute to the magic of BTS that brings joy and creativity to every Army's world!

Price and Year-End Sale:

Originally priced at ₹569, this BTS Themed Gift Box is now offered at a launch-special discounted price of ₹399 for our year-end sale. Save ₹170 and make this collection not just a part of your memorabilia but a cherished testament to the emotional journey shared with BTS.

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Customer Reviews

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Anuksha Lohar
BTS Army💜

I really love the BTS Countdown Box. All products are very nice. Packaging was also good.❤️✨️

Aluru Uma
Thank you so much

It's really good to see my favorite stars pics as army iam so happy thanks thank you very much 😊 💜

Pallavi Joglekar

BTS Countdown Box

Akhila Ganiga
Saranghae 💜

I really loved this BTS countdown box especially the chocolate 🍫 as freebies 🫰😚. It was worth buying!!

kavita yadav
Loved it

The most beautiful thing was the Calender. The packaging was not so good that's why some of the items were damaged. All the other items in the package was good.