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Enhypen - Border : Day One

Enhypen - Border : Day One

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 ENHYPEN delivers the story of boys standing at the border with ""BORDER : DAY ONE."

Having survived ‘I-LAND,’ a space of competition, harmony, and growth, the seven boys finally face the first day into the new world to begin their long journey. From trainees to artists, from individuals to a team member, the boys fel happiness about their survival, but simultaneously a sense of anxiety about their unknown future as they take their first steps across the border dividing the past and the future.

The complex emotions the boys experience in the midst of connecting, discovering, and growing together at the border into the unknown and their strong resolution to overcome this is illustrated through the two visual concepts for this album ‘DAWN’ and ‘DUSK’.

The debut album is comprised of six tracks overarching various topics that anyone can relate to: “Intro : Walk the Line”, lead single “Given-Taken”, “Let Me In (20 CUBE)”, “10 Months”, “Flicker”, and “Outro : Cross the Line”.


Package Details:

Contents Of Album:

Package For Each Version :
- 1 Photo Book
( Up Ver. 104p / Hype Ver. 112p / Down Ver. 100p )
- 1 Cd
- 1 Lyric Book (16p)
- 2 Photo Card (Random 2 Out Of 15)
- 1 Lenticular Card (Random 1 Out Of 7)
- 1 Signature Sticker
- 1 Carnival Ticket
- 1 Folded Poster (On Pack)



01. Intro : The Invitation
02. Drunk-Dazed
04. Not For Sale
05. 별안간 (Mixed Up)
06. Outro : The Wormhole 

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