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Enhypen - Dark Blood

Enhypen - Dark Blood

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K-pop powerhouse ENHYPEN make a grand return with 4th Mini Album DARK BLOOD.

Following the ‘BORDER’, ‘DIMENSION’, and ‘MANIFESTO’ series, ENHYPEN introduce their fourth installment the ‘BLOOD’ series in which ‘blood’ is used as a medium to unravel a fantasy-like story based off of the question ‘what if we lost sight of one another?’ ‘Blood’ is the link, reason for being, and proof that ‘You’ and ‘I’ are connected by fate.

“Bite me” the boy pleads, sacrificing himself for the power to protect his one and only ‘You’. Now an eternal being, the boy becomes blinded by arrogance in the belief that this new power is truly his. As punishment, the boy is forced to erase ‘You’ from his memory and falls into the depths of loneliness. By discovering the fateful mark engraved on his neck, the boy is awakened by his destined ‘You’ and declares the ultimate sacrifice for their unbreakable blood-bond.

Based on a story of a boy’s curse brought on by arrogance, awakening, and ultimate sacrifice for a destined ‘You’, DARK BLOOD consists of six tracks with inherently different themes: “Fate”, lead single “Bite Me”, “Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)”, “Chaconne”, “Bills”, and “Karma”. Each track is organically intertwined with the boy’s story drawing connection to the message underlined in DARK BLOOD.

Carefully crafted with ENHYPEN's one-of-kind unique concept and quality music, DARK BLOOD is sure to become the album listeners are destined for. 


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Contents Of Album:

-Message Photocard
-Poster With Lyrics



1. Fate
2. Bite Me
3. Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)
4. Chaconne
5. Bills
6. Karma


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