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Enhypen - Dimension : Answer

Enhypen - Dimension : Answer

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The rising authentic storytellers opened their ‘DIMENSION’ series with the release of their 1st Studio Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA which unraveled ENHYPEN’s story beyond the border of debut where they realized their new world was even more complex and multidimensional than envisioned. They questioned their own identity as they faced their desires, but were determined to dash forward even in a dilemma, hoping to find the answers along the way.

In DIMENSION : ANSWER, the septet begin to cast doubts on the society manifested by competition that constantly tells them to wake up, face reality, and follow the norm. Through the lenses of social media, they come to recognize how messy the world is and refuse to accept what is labeled as the “correct answer”—showing determination to focus on the present and find the answers while living life on their own terms.

Accepting what was given to them and being tamed by the rules of society was easy and seemed like a “blessing.” Now that they‘ve realized the ways of the world, this all rather feels like a “curse.” The album’s lead single “Blessed-Cursed” is the band’s declaration to the world—“I’ll go my own way.”

In DIMENSION : ANSWER, 3 new songs—lead single “Blessed-Cursed,” “Polaroid Love,” and “Outro : Day 2”—are added to the previous tracklist from DIMENSION : DILEMMA to complete ENHYPEN’s newest 11-track album complete with an even wider selection of genres.

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Contents Of Album:

-1 CD
-1 Photo Book & Lyric Book
-1 Photo Card A (random out of 7 types per version)
-1 Photo Card B (random out of 7 types per version)
-1 Photo Stand
-1 Paper Dice
-1 Sticker
-1 Photo Bookmark (random out of 7 types per version)



 01. Intro : Whiteout
02. Tamed - Dashed
03. Upper Side Dreamin'
04. 몰랐어
05. 모 아니면 도 (Go Big or Go Home)
06. Blockbuster (액션 영화처럼) [feat. 연준 of TOMORROW X TOGETHER]
07. Attention, please!
08. Interlude : Question
09. Blessed - Cursed
10. Polaroid Love
11. Outro : Day 2


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