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Itzy - Not Shy

Itzy - Not Shy

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ITZY sings fearless love through the new mini album ‘Not Shy’!

The five members, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna come back with a title song that has a love theme for the first time since their debut.

The title song ‘Not Shy’ is an up tempo R&B dance song with quick beats and intense saxophone, and candid vocals about the emotions of being deeply in love and not caring about how things will end. The song expresses it in the most “ITZY” way, giving us the cool sensation of fizzy drinks. 


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Contents Of Album:

Package For Each Version :
- 1 Photo Book (72p)
- 1 Cd-R
- 2 Photo Card (Random 2 Out Of 25)
- 1 Lyric Accordion Book



01. Not Shy
02. Don't Give A What
03. Louder
04. iD
05. SURF
06. Be In Love


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