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Ive - I've Ive

Ive - I've Ive

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This time, Ive delivers a message full of confidence based on 'self-love'. The title song 'I AM' is a song about the subjective attitude of life, 'Be confident on the way I am going', and it is a stylish song with a strong message 'Let's discover a different me from yesterday'. In particular, the harmony of Ive's explosive vocals along with the splendor of the dynamic song maximizes the colorful charm. The subjective and hopeful lyrics were written by lyricist Kim Eana, and producer Ryan Jeon completed a unique Ive style.
The pre-released song 'Kitsch' is a song that emphasizes Ive's identity, which has become more solid through the past three singles, and is enough to feel a different charm from the previous sensibility. You can feel the elegant beauty and unexpected charm of Ive, who is 'special and different'. It is a song that conveys a thrilling pleasure by mixing various bouncing sounds, and you can feel the colorful charm of Ive, which is always unpredictable. In addition, members Ahn Yu-jin and Jang Won-young wrote the lyrics for three songs, including 'Heroine', 'Mine' and 'Shine With Me', expressing Ive's new world with a sense of immersion, and further doubling the charm of the album through Gaul and Lay's rap making.
Ive's first full-length album [I've IVE] occupies a unique position through familiar yet unique sound, clear storytelling, colorful visualizing, and confident messages. The value proved by numbers and records is clear. Ive's syndrome, which shines in the highest place, is still in progress.


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-1 CD
-1 Photo Book Set (68 + 60 pages)
-1 Photo Card (random out of 6 types)
-1 Sticker


01. Blue Blood
02. I AM *타이틀
03. Kitsch
04. Lips
05. Heroine
06. Mine
07. 섬찟 (Hypnosis)
09. 궁금해 (Next Page)
10. Cherish
11. Shine With Me

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