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NCT Dream - Glitch Mode [Photobook Ver]

NCT Dream - Glitch Mode [Photobook Ver]

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Glitch Mode is the second full-length album by NCT Dream. It was released on March 28, 2022 with "Glitch Mode" serving as the album's title track.
"Glitch Mode" is described as an addictive song with repeated hooks like buffering and unique chanting.[2] "Fire Alarm" is described as an intense song with an energetic intro, while "Arcade" is described as a suspenseful B-side track.[3] "It’s Yours" is described as a sweet love song and "Replay" as a mature mood B-side track.[4] "Better Than Gold" is described as a happy festive mood song while "Saturday Drip" is described as a 90's hip-hop style track.[5] "Never Goodbye" and "Teddy Bear" are described as healing songs to recharge emotions with warm lyrics and sweet vocals.[6]


Package Details:

Contents Of Album:

- 1 cover
- 1 photo book (88 pages)
- 1 CD
- 1 set of photo cards
- 1 folded poster
- 1 sticker
- 1 Lenticular Card ( 1 out of 7)
- 1 photo card (1 out of 7) 



"Fire Alarm (파이어 알람)" - 3:12
"Glitch Mode (버퍼링)" - 3:27
"Arcade" - 3:27
"It's Yours (너를 위한 단어)" - 3:44
"Teddy Bear (잘 자)" - 4:02
"Replay (내일 봐)" - 3:34
"Saturday Drip" (Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung) - 3:00
"Better Than Gold (지금)" - 3:20
"Drive (미니카)" - 3:18
"Never Say Goodbye (북극성)" - 3:32
"Rewind" - 3:04


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