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Nongshim Chapaguri

Nongshim Chapaguri

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Non Veg


Noodles: Refined Wheat Flour, potato starch, palm oil, salt, mineral salts (INS339(ii), INS500(i), INS501(i)), Sweetener (INS420(i)), emulsifier (INS322), green tea extract.
Soup Base: Seasoning (soybean paste (1.66%), maltodextrin, corn flour, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy, wheat), vegetable oil (contains soy), cuttlefish, clam, mussel, anchovy, tuna, wheat starch, soybean oil, soy sauce (soy, wheat), shrimp), sugar, colour (INS150c), spices (maltodextrin, red pepper, garlic, chilli extract), flavour enhancer (INS621, INS627, INS631), salt.
Seasoning Oil: Seasoning (Mustard Oil-Low Euric Acid), seasoning oil (rice bran oil, natural onion flavour , corn oil, green onion, sesame seed oil), Spices (chili).
Flakes: Textured vegetable protein 32.26% (soybean, wheat gluten, soy protein, soy sauce (soy, wheat), flavour enhancer (INS627, INS631)), dried fish cake 25.81% (pollack, starches (corn, potato)), dried kelp (16.13%), dried carrot (12.90%), dried sea mustard seaweed (12.90%)

Nutritional Values: 

Per 100g: Energy-465Kcal, Fat-20g, Carbohydrate-64g, of which sugars-5.9g, Protein-7.3g, Sodium-897mg

Product Features / information: 

Chapaguri which featured in Parasite is now available in Big bowl! More easy and simple to cook! Chapaguri is simply a combination of two different Korean instant noodles “Chapaghetti” and “Neoguri"". Combination of original Chapaghetti with Neoguri Angry Spicy Ramyun in one big bowl!


Store in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Allergy Advice: 

Contains wheat, soy, sesame, fish, crustacean and shellfish. Produced in a facility that also process products that contains eggs, milk, peanuts and tree nuts.

Preparation and Usage/Cooking Instructions (if any): 

1. Open lid half way.
2. Pour hot water upto the inside line.
3. Wait for 4 minutes with lid closed.
4. Remove peel and carefully drain water through holes. (Please remain 5-6 spoons of water according to your preference)
5. Add soup base and seasoning oil stir well and serve.
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