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[OFFICIAL] BTS Butter DIY Cubic Painting (Individual)

[OFFICIAL] BTS Butter DIY Cubic Painting (Individual)

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The "[OFFICIAL] BTS Butter DIY Cubic Painting" is an exciting and engaging creative product that allows BTS fans to express their artistic talents while celebrating the K-pop group's hit song "Butter." This officially licensed DIY kit is not only a form of entertainment but also a unique way to connect with BTS's music and imagery.

Key Features:

  1. Unique Cubic Painting Concept:This DIY kit offers a distinctive cubic painting experience. Instead of traditional flat canvases, you assemble and paint small cubic blocks to create a three-dimensional artwork.
  2. BTS Butter Theme:The design of the cubic blocks is inspired by BTS's "Butter" theme, with each block featuring different elements related to the song, such as lyrics, motifs, or images of the BTS members.
  3. Artistic Expression:The kit includes everything you need to create your own BTS-themed masterpiece. You can unleash your creativity by choosing colors and arranging the cubic blocks to form a unique artwork.
  4. Relaxing and Therapeutic:Assembling and painting the cubic blocks can be a calming and meditative experience, making it an excellent stress-relief activity.
  5. Decorative Item:Once completed, your BTS Butter DIY Cubic Painting can be proudly displayed in your room or used as a decorative piece to show your love for BTS.
  6. Individualized DIY Experience:Unlike traditional art kits, this DIY Cubic Painting kit is designed for individual use, making it perfect for fans who want to create their personalized BTS artwork.

  7. Components: 
  • Canvas (50x40cm)
  • Hanging wood frame
  • Cubic
  • Solid glue
  • Pen set
  • Tray
  • Design Table
  • Horizontal Meter
  • Pen Accessory
  1. Steps to use
  • Check the component parts.
  • Check the cubic shapes and numbers on the design table and canvas.
  • Put some cubic in tray .
  • Array the tray by shaking that side to side.
  • Press the pen firmly on the solid glue .
  • Pick the cubic with a pen slightly.
  • Paste the cubic corresponding with the numbering of cubic and canvas. Up to three consecutive identical cubics can be attached at once by using the top part of the pen. If change the pen components, Up to same 10 cubics can be attached at once. Arrange the cubics using fan accessory.
  • Remove the protective film only where you want to attach the cubics. Protective films has different font and back sides. Cover the film in its original direction. It is convenient to write “front” on the front of the protective film with a permanent marker.

Note: It's essential to verify the authenticity of the product and purchase from reputable sources to ensure you're getting an official BT21 item.


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