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Red Velvet - The Reve Festival: Feel My Rhythm [Orgel Ver]

Red Velvet - The Reve Festival: Feel My Rhythm [Orgel Ver]

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The Reve Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm is the ninth mini album by Red Velvet. It was released on March 21, 2022 with "Feel My Rhythm" serving as the album's title track.
The physical album comes in two versions: Reve (two covers available) and Orgel.
"Feel My Rhythm" is described as a dance pop song that samples Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air On The G String". The song has a strong trap beat, elegant and delicate string melody, and the members' fantasy like vocals. The lyrics unravel the journey about freely enjoying traveling through space and time.[6] "Rainbow Halo" is described as an R&B pop dance song that features a clap sound on a soft bell sound and a groovy bass. [7] "Beg For Me" is described as an R&B pop dance song that talks about someone who skillfully is able to control their partner who is always begging for everything. The dynamic and rhythmical song shows the charms, as if they are playing hard to get, through their chic vocals.[7] "Bamboleo" is described as a retro dance pop song that blends the electronic guitar and rhythmic bass with the synth and dreamy EP sound. "Bamboleo" means 'sway' in spanish and the lyrics talk about being able to dance freely throughout the night and be immersed in one's own time while looking in the mirror.[8] "Good, Bad, Ugly" is described as a R&B medium tempo song. The song has sensuous chord progression and a rhythmic brass sound that is on top of the groovy shuffle rhythm. The lyrics compare the moment in a person's life that are unpredictable to picking chocolate out of a box and contains a positive message.[8] "In My Dreams" is described as a R&B slow-tempo ballad. The base of the song has a minimal trap rhythm with the signature sound of a music box being featured in the beginning and end of the song. The energy also explodes in the chorus. The lyrics talk about being able to express the desire to be with the person you love for the rest of your life even in your dreams.


Package Details:

Contents Of Album:

- 1 packaging
- Mini-CD [Attention: This CD can only be played on CD players that support the playback of Mini-CDs]
- 1 photo book (96 pages)
- CD cover
- 1 sticker
- 1 mini stand (1 out of 5 motifs)
- 1 photo card (1 out of 5 motifs)
- 1 folded poster
- 1 lyric paper
- 1 folded poster (1 out of 2 motifs) [First-Press only and very limited].


"Feel My Rhythm" - 3:30
"Rainbow Halo" - 3:28
"Beg For Me" - 3:32
"Bamboleo" - 3:28
"Good, Bad, Ugly" - 3:01
"In My Dreams" - 3:24


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