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Stray Kids - I Am Who

Stray Kids - I Am Who

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I Am Who is the second mini album by Stray Kids. It was released on August 6, 2018 with "My Pace" serving as the album's title track. "Awkward Silence" was used for follow-up promotions. The album 'I am WHO', which contains a movement to find one's own answers, includes the first track 'WHO?' and the title song 'My Pace', 'Voices', 'Question', 'Insomnia', 'MIA', ' There is no need to suddenly feel the atmosphere' and 'Mixtape #2'.


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Contents Of Album:

-1 CD
-1 Photo Book
-1 QR Photo Card
-1 Lyrics Poster (random out of 9 types)



01. WHO?
02. My Pace
03. Voices
04. Question
05. Insomnia
06. MIA
07. There’s no need to suddenly become cold
08. Mixtape#2" 

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