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Topokki Combo With Sauce & Kimchi

Topokki Combo With Sauce & Kimchi

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Rice Cake : Rice powder, water & salt.

Kimchi : Cabbage, radish, chilli powder, salt, green onion, garlic, corn syrup, sugar, soy sauce, cooking oil, flavor enhancer(635), jaggery.

Sauce : Sugar, water, garlic paste, corn syrup, onion, tomato paste, hot pepper paste, soy sauce, corn starch, flavor enhancer(635), jaggery.

Nutritional Values: 

Nutrition (Per 300g) Energy : 320 kcal Fat: 1.1 g Saturated Fat: 0.2 g Trans Fat: 0 g Sugar: 6 g Protein: 6 g Sodium: 560 mg

Product Features / information: 

Topokki are stick shaped rice cakes cooked in a spicy sauce. Tteokbokki is a spicy stir-fried dish that usually consists of cylinder-shaped rice cakes, sweet red chili sauce, and fish cakes. It is considered to be one of the top street food items in Korea, tteokbokki is made with a secret topokki sauce that is both sweet and spicy resulting in a tasty flavor combination.


Store at 1° to 25°c or below, cool & dry and Keep refrigerated.

Allergy Advice: 

Manufactured in a facility that peanut, tree nuts, milk, soya, wheat mustard and egg.

Preparation and Usage/Cooking Instructions (if any): 

1. Boil the sauces in a frying pan with 50 to 100cc water over medium high heat.
2. Once the sauce starts boiling, add the rice cakes.
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