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TXT - The Dream Chapter : Star

TXT - The Dream Chapter : Star

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER delivers their story through ‘The Dream Chapter’.
As they transition from childhood to adolescence, the boys have gathered together under ONE DREAM. For TOMORROW X TOGETHER, star is another name for dream: the emotions swelling up inside as you look up at the starry night sky, the growing excitement about tomorrow – chasing the stars mean you are remembering your childhood dreams. ‘The Dream Chapter’ will unfold the stories of what they encountered as they grew.

A compilation of 5 tracks in total, the album ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’ sings out TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s “happiness and excitement of meeting that special someone.” The boys’ story opens with ‘Blue Orangeade’, and closes with ‘Nap of a star’, narrating how together they make things possible that was impossible alone.  


Package Details:

Contents Of Album:

-1 CD
-1 Photobook (80 pages)
-1 Ver.1 Photo Card (random out of 5 types)
-1 Ver.2 Photo Card (random out of 5 types)
-1 Transparent Photocard
-2 Stickers 



01. Blue Orangeade
02. 어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)
03. Our Summer
04. Cat & Dog
05. 별의 낮잠 (Nap of a star)



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